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2003: 63% of main portions were partly or totally a combination of bread and cheese.
2004: 25% of main portions were partially or totally a combination of bread and cheese.

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"Casein peptides react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine.""

"What makes cheese different—and presumably more addicting—is that it has much more casein than is found in milk, ice cream, butter or other dairy products. Being drawn to those foods is not a matter of weak willpower but rather the addictive qualities of those foods. Certain foods—sugar, chocolate, cheese and meat—trigger the release of opiate-like substances in the brain that are in the same class as heroin and morphine, but not as strong"Dr. Neal Barnard

"Elmer's is a casein glue. Casein is a milk-cheese phosphoprotein that is used to make paints, plastics and glues."

"The American School Food Service Association, a watchdog group that monitors the nutritional content of meals served to public school students, ranks pizza No. 1 on its list of pupils' favorite school lunches."  Jabari Asim, Washington Post, Nov. 10

ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT PIZZA--"It's a college student's dream and a dieter's nightmare: The $3.99 pizza buffet is coming to Cincinnati. Pizza has the benefit of being a food that young people know from school." Cincinnati Business Courier (Ohio), Nov. 17

Casein the 'Nicotine' of Fast Foods?


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"My daughter is upset about her very brief lunch 'hour'. 20 minutes to eat is insufficient, especially if we want to teach our kids to chew their food! Do you have any articles on lunch 'hour' lengths and any on national averages or national trends?"--D.D.

"Let people know of this horrendous business--school lunch!"--Barb

"I love your newsletter. I am a pre school teacher who has been 
battling fast food lunches for 3 and 4 year olds. The parents can buy these lunches 5 daysa week through the Parent's Association. It took a big step, and I am waiting for the parent reaction, but we have officially banned these lunches from our Early Education program. Thanks! Monica"

"Junk food is an opening to getting fat."

"i hate school lunch."

"You are so right about school lunch! It can cause obesity throughout the whole community, not just in one area. Keep on spreading everything about school lunch, make the public know what is going on wit school lunch."

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Parents Sending Kids to School with Fat-Packed Lunches"Parents are sending their children to school with lunch boxes that are packed with fat, salt and sugar. Three out of four of the 5m lunches prepared at home each day fail to meet government guidelines on healthy school meals"  Guardian (UK), September

Tips for Parents Who Pack Lunches

"Ingredients for a healthy lunch • A sandwich • Canned or fresh fruit • Veggies like baby carrots or celery • Skim or low-fat milk in a single-serving container, or low-fat yogurt • Something fun, like a granola bar or low-fat pudding How to build a healthy sandwich The outside: whole-grain bread, bagel or tortilla The inside: lean meat, tuna, low-fat cheese or peanut butter For extra flavor: spicy mustard or ketchup Go light on: mayonnaise Pile on the extras: lettuce, tomato slices, green pepper and cucumber Making lunch good and easy • Let your kids help make lunch. They're more likely to eat it if they have some say in the menu and preparation. • Keep lunches cold for food safety by using an ice pack. • When it comes to treats, less is better. Keep the portions small and the number of servings few. • For beverages, stick to water, milk or an 8-ounce or less serving of juice. Look for 100-percent fruit juices that have added vitamin C. Chocolate milk is an option for children who don't like white milk. • Make things easy for young kids. Slice up fruit and vegetables. Open those cans of fruit with the tab and transfer the food to a small plastic container that the child can easily open. • Find out when your child eats lunch. Many schools schedule lunches in shifts and some kids may eat as early as 10:30 while others don't get lunch until 1 p.m. Pack a small snack, like Cheerios, or a small container of grapes or crackers for a late morning or early afternoon snack, if your child's school allows. • When choosing lunch meat, opt for those lower in fat, preferably containing less than 30-percent fat. • Let your kids see how important healthy eating is by eating healthy yourself. If you don't want your kids eating junk food, don't keep it in the house. If it's there and they're hungry, the kids will eat it."  Tallahassee (Florida) Democrat, July

milkcontainer1.gif (8903 bytes) Organic? Or Just Junk Food Added to Their Lunch Milk?"Orange Cream and Caramel Flavored Milks Round Out Horizon Organic's Lunch Box Offerings just in time for National School Lunch Week. Lifelong eating habits are established during childhood, which is one reason Horizon Organic believes it is important to offer a wide variety of nutritious lunchbox-ready organic foods that kids enjoy." Horizon Organic Holding Corp., press release, (cached here)   "Flavored milk drinks contain more fat, sugar, cholesterol, and calories than even soft drinks do." Miami Herald, Oct. 21

  Krispy Kreme "Reward"?—"In the midst of a healthier school-food movement and childhood obesity epidemic, Krispy Kreme is rewarding students with a doughnut for every A on their report cards — up to a half-dozen per grading period.", August 24  " So bring your report cards to a participating Krispy Kreme store and enjoy the Krispy Kreme Math!"  KrispyKreme, Texas   More " Rewards"? "Customers can pick up their doughnuts right when that Krispy Kreme craving hits 'em!"  "When you drop off your child, be sure to take this opportunity to buy a dozen Krispy Kremes and support the Student Activity Fund. The sale will continue those evenings during Parent/Teacher conferences."  Principal's Newsletter, October, 2003  GOTO Center for Science in the Public Interest, Nov, 2003

 New Kind of Marketing?"The 28 children, aged nine to 11, have been undertaking a 'bread investigation' as part of a school topic on bread. During their visit they were able to cook their own pizza choosing from four toppings. Each child then returned to school with a pizza to eat for lunch. The children have been tasting several different breads at school and will eventually design and make their own breads." Epping Guardian (UK)

School Shoping Malls Next?—"Book covers: free book covers with ads, such as Frosted Flakes and Lays Potato Chips, are distributed to students. In 1998 over half of American students, 25 million, received book covers (Consumer Reports, 1998). "Educational posters" in hallways advertise candy such as Skittles, 3 Musketeers and Starburst (Education Digest, 2000). School lunch menus. Brand name foods are served, advertised and promoted in school cafeterias (Education Digest, 2000). Reward coupons: McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza provide coupons for pop, French fries, burgers or pizza as a reward in reading programs (Education Digest, 2000). School buses: Some districts have sold ad space on the sides and even the tops of school buses (Time Magazine, 1999). Teaching materials: industry teaching units, videos, and contests may incorporate products, brands or corporate viewpoints (Consumer Reports, 1998). Channel One: Viewed daily in 12,000 middle schools and high schools by about 8 million teenagers, students are required to watch a 12 minute program: 10 minutes of info-news and 2 minutes of commercials (The Center for Commercial-Free Public Education). Commercial search engines, web sites and student newspapers (United States General Accounting Office, 2000). School Web sites supported by businesses that include direct advertising aimed at students and parents (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001). Athletic fields, scoreboards, gyms, libraries, playgrounds, classrooms: Corporate donors are recognized for their donations by placing their names or logos in prominent locations (New York Times, 2000). School events paid for or sponsored by corporations, i.e. Homecoming sponsored by Dr. Pepper (Time Magazine, 1999). Soft drink machines: schools are bargaining for exclusive contracts with soft drink suppliers like Coke and Pepsi (Manning, 1999). Fundraising: school groups receive a percentage of sales of branded products (United States General Accounting Office, 2000). Student organizers and other products sold in schools to students. The school receives a small percentage for items sold in return for advertising (United States General Accounting Office, 2000). "The pressure on schools to permit a broad array of marketing activities is now intense and pervasive." Commericalism in Education Research Unit, University of Arizona, July, 2003

Education Week's Must-Read Machine Food Issue
The amount of soda sugar a typical child consumes in a year

Good Housekeeping Survey: U.S. Kids' Eating Habits in 20-Year Decline"Just compare what kids eat today with what they ate 20 years ago."

Then and Now

% Increase
Number of snacks (per day)
Then: 1.1  Now: 1.8
Number of meals eaten away from home Then: 17 percent  Now: 30 percent  76%
Number of meals eaten at a fast-food restaurant
Then: 1 in 10  Now: 1 in 3
Typical soda size (boys)
Then: 7 ounces Now: 19 ounces  
Largest soda at 7-Eleven
Then: 32-oz. Big Gulp  Now: 64-oz. Big Gulp
Average size of a bagel or muffin  Then: 2 to 3 ounces Now: 4 to 7 ounces  120%

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Notable Quotes

"Flavored milk drinks contain more fat, sugar, cholesterol, and calories than even soft drinks do."  Bruce Friedrich

"I think it’s appalling to have schools be used as a place for selling products. Schools should be a sacred place."  Ann Simon

"We used to make a lot of stuff from scratch. Now kids won't eat that. They want everything on a bun." Muzzie Barton

"My goal is to increase the use of locally grown farm products and serve them in our public schools."  Patty Smith

"Customers can pick up their doughnuts right when that Krispy Kreme craving hits 'em!"

"Addictive substances cause substance addiction."  Dan Mahony

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"If a particular food or drink is promoted to them, and a vending machine is in the school, children will be led by that. They will think ‘the school has put that there, therefore this cannot be bad for me’." Sunday Herald (London)

"A computer chip controls or monitors everything that takes place, including the number of times a food-bearing spiral turns, how hot the water is that mixes with the coffee, how cold the ice cream bars are stored and what products are bought at what time of the day. The information allows Aramark employees to stock, for example, one spiral with five packages of little chocolate doughnuts, which might tend to be purchased in the morning, followed by five apple pies, which can sell better in the afternoon." Aramark Vending Machines


SUGARY DRINKS CAUSE CHILDREN TO EAT MORE?—"When they drank sweetened drinks, they took in, on average, 244 more calories a day. The children did not eat any less food to compensate for the extra calories in the sodas, lemonades and other drink treats." Journal of Pediatrics

SUGARY DRINKS CAUSE TYPE 2 DIABETES?—"Higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with a greater magnitude of weight gain and an increased risk for development of type 2 diabetes in women, possibly by providing excessive calories and large amounts of rapidly absorbable sugars."  J. Amer. Medical Assn.

REFINED SUGAR A DRUG?—"Repeated, excessive intake of sugar causes endogenous opioid dependence...the rats had become sugar-dependent." Journal of Obesity Research


 MACHINE FOOD REVOLT SPREADING Los Angeles, New York City, Texas Ban Sodas and Junk Foods in Schools; Philadelphia Bans Sodas  ALSO BIGFOOD "Legislation to ban or restrict soft drinks in school vending machines has been introduced in 28 state legislatures so far this year."

U.K. Poll: 70% Favor School Vending Machine Ban

COKE WILL BACK OFF FROM CLASSROOMS BUT NOT "WELLNESS EDUCATION" OR REST OF SCHOOL LIFE"Beverage company logos and other marketing graphics must not be used in textbooks, curriculum materials or on book covers. Venues that may be appropriate for product logos include scoreboards, menu boards, coolers [ = vending machines ], student publications, and materials to promote educational activities, health, wellness and nutrition education, extracurricular activities, physical activity and athletic events." (pdf)   BBC

TAX ON JUNK FOOD IN SCHOOLS—"Seventeen U.S. states now add a junk food tax on such vending machine sales and B.C. should join them." CBC News (Canada)

GALLUP POLL FINDS 98% USE VENDING MACHINES—"Sixty-eight percent said they buy junk food or soda from vending machines. In another poll, 23 percent said they buy a "great deal" from machines, while 61 percent buy "some." Only 2 percent said they don't use them." Courier (Iowa)

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DID YOU KNOW?  Coca Cola has 34 milligrams of caffeine, Diet Coke 45 mg,  Mountain Dew 55, Jolt 71. Coffee has 100, tea 50.





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Notable School Lunch Menus

"Pasta, pizza, calzones, stir fry, grill offered daily."

"Papa Gino's pizza, garden salad, fruit cup, milk. No a la carte pizza slices will be sold. A second lunch can be purchased for $1.50"

"Monday--Breakfast: breakfast pizza, cereal and toast, fruit/juice, or peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich."



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