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Just where are his wives and kids?
They are certainly not in some cave.




They may be living in "Muslim China," perhaps in the city of Kashgar. They'd be well-protected by a generation of militant islamics.

In the 1980s a large Islamic militant force was raised in Xinjiang (pr. "shee-yong") to wage a jehad against the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. See  History of Islam in China.

Over the China border, if not wanting to go northeast to Kashgar, there are some isolated settlements due east, such as Akmeqit (map), Pusa, and Kokyar (map). Between them are many miles of rugged terrain. Kokyar is six miles from Pusa, Akmeqit is 25 miles from Pusa (map). Another settlement is Uxxarbax (map) which appears to be at a higher elevation than the others.

"During the last six months, Bin Laden has been sighted several times in the mountains and open ranges of the Northwest [Pakistan]. American intelligence agents in the region are of the opinion that the Saudi millionaire, accompanied by an escort of 50 guerrilla mujaheddin, moved East toward Kashmir, and from there crossed into China."Gordon Thomas, 10/13/04

"There are places in Afghanistan and Pakistan that border with China. That is one area where no one is really looking. It is a small strip of land between Tajikistan and Pakistan and the land terrain is such that it is difficult to find any one. The Wakhan Corridor from Afghanistan to China is an ideal place for Osama Bin Laden to hide within Chinese territory."—India Daily, 01/17/05





political map of Afghanistan region



"During the 1980s China co-operated actively with the Americans in financing and training the Afghan Mujahedeen to fight off the Soviet invaders.  Beijing not only armed them with weapons but even supplied hundreds of mules, which were marched across the Wakham Corridor linking the two countries."source [Link expired.]

CHINESE AMMUNITION FOUND IN AGHANISTAN CAVES—"Pentagon officials aboard the plane taking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Brussels revealed [that] large quantities of Chinese-manufactured ammunition were discovered in the Tora Bora cave hideouts of Osama bin Laden."worldnetdaily

"If Bin Laden made it to the vast and remote area of Muslim western China he would, at least, be safe from the Americans, who would not be able to launch any military action there to catch him. But it is unlikely that China would welcome him. The regime is worried about the prospect of an Islamic uprising among its millions of Muslim citizens."source

"He works a great deal with China. He's got good relations with them."source  [Link expired.]

Taliban-bin Laden Archives    His Declaration of War on US     Indictment of Bin Laden

Bin Laden a paranoid schizophrenic?     His schizophrenic letter to Americans    GOTO Part 2


"His agricultural projects were many and included cotton farms. He wished he could have stayed in Sudan and continued his projects, but he was forced to flee back to Afghanistan."  Bin Ladin Family Cotton Connection


"Xinjiang...the largest cotton producing area in China... source."


muslin:  a fine delicately woven cotton fabric





    He's right in Kashgar there! He won't be found In Pakistan, The Chinese are giving him safe passage to China for the 15 dude missiles that the US sent to blow up the Afghanistan training camps then & He sold them to the Chinese to get our tech to make their missiles from It, I know this area well I was there In Afghanistan In the Kyber pass In 1970 and this Place Is torturously covered w/ bandits and the Tora Bora is filled w/ethnic Chinese as well. [The following] E-mail from H-- Is full of false information. the high-rise Isn't even fully done in the hidden provinces Of the warlords of the drug trade there. If someone thinks he's In Pakistan they are In for an surprise, The Chinese Intelligence Is operating there, on an Internet from there w/ bin laden as the Information Head of the Osama forces there from the China airwaves-to Pakistan forces.  I was a photojournalist there In 1970 after serving In the Vietnam War as an Rotorbuilder (LOH) 1966-70. Way ahead of the Russian invasion that came later on, & Bin Laden used this place for his retreat from them.
    Anyone who thinks that Kashi is n modern town like the west is grossly mistaken, only few high rises are there, but the surrounding is like it always was 100 yrs ago. Get your fact straight H--.
    If you think you're so good at It why don't you go get Bin Laden yourself and stop using yahoo as your ISP there- your from an place that you don't even belong to the Chinese nation yourself. as your Internet codex's says. Who do you think your kidding? He killed 3,000 Americans, Don't you think you can get him? Lay off Of Dan's site until you can get him. If you do-you'll get the money.


"1. It seems rather obvious that you've never done any serious research or consideration on the subject of bin Laden, Islam, the roots of terrorism, history, politics, or anything else, for even a nanosecond. For one thing, the Muslim population that thrived for decades in the "Xinjiang Street" area you mention in the Weigongcun neighborhood of Beijing was brutally and forcebly evicted way back in 2001. The thousands of Uighurs who lived there, who owned bustling businesses, and who's culture greatly added to the cultural diveristy and richness of Beijing, were all basically bulldozed into oblivion to make way for high-rise apartments for rich Han Chinese and foreigners. The same thing goes for the even LARGER neighborhood in the Ganjiakou neighborhood of Beijing in 1999. Get your facts correct, and get your narrow, tunnel-vision head out of your ass."

"I can tell from my place that these great venerations drawn around the super powers...source."

"The trek was called 'The Three Passes of Boroghil', a high level trek from Chitral to Hunza, and like every trek in Pakistan, it involved long jeep rides to get to the starting point source." [Link expired.]

  "According to the witness, the long motorcade, including pick-up trucks, which used to accompany Osama, has been replaced by a couple of Land cruiser jeeps source." [Link expired.]

"Instead he has reverted to the Stone Age and simply receives emissaries and issues his orders in person source."


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"China is mounting a huge crackdown in the remote western province of Xinjiang against what it says are terrorist elements linked to Osama Bin Ladin Oct. 7, 2002."

"Al-Qaeda ('The Base') is a conglomerate of groups spread throughout the world operating as a network. It has a global reach, with a presence in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Xinjiang in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mindanao in the Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kashmir, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Uganda, Ethiopia, and in the West Bank and Gaza"

CHINESE AMMUNITION FOUND IN AGHANISTAN CAVES—"Pentagon officials aboard the plane taking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Brussels revealed [that] large quantities of Chinese-manufactured ammunition were discovered in the Tora Bora cave hideouts of Osama bin Laden worldnetdaily."  BIN LADEN - CHINA DEALS IN 1998"The British daily Guardian  said in its Saturday's issue that China had paid millions of USD to Osama Bin Laden in order to get the US- made Cruise missiles, which did not explode after their launching at Afghanistan three years ago by the American forces arabicnews."

bushjiang.jpg (12357 bytes) Said one Chinese observer, "We need to side with America for strategic reasons at least in public. Yet we think that the United States is our long-term enemy. It is just not right to say it now (expired)."  "Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, and other states we [US] are embracing as 'allies' against terrorism have been the prime sponsors of terrorism for decades and have been key supporters of bin Laden and his extended network up to the present times thenewamerican." [Link expired.]

"Perhaps China hopes that befriending bin Laden will ensure that the weapons will be used only against Western enemies. But it cannot be sure" [Link expired.]

Reporter Hamaid Mir, "known for his close contacts with Osama bin Laden...source," was taken blindfolded to interview bin Laden on Nov. 8: " was somewhere in the mountains, he believed north of Kabul. He said it was very cold...being driven for five hours to an unknown destination. He said when he got there, he could hear gunfire going on in the background...more of a mud hutch than a cave source." "I believe it was a deception," Mir told Reuters. "Actually he is not fighting in the north of Afghanistan, he is fighting somewhere else, maybe in the south. But he decided to give the interview to me in the north so that when I went back to Pakistan, I would tell people it was in the north source."  [Link expired.]

THE CHINA-PAKISTAN CONNECTION—"On 21st May 1951, China and Pakistan established diplomatic ties. From then on, China and Pakistan have been enjoying a good neighborly relationship and mutual beneficial cooperation on the bases of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence. In 1980's, the leadership of China and Pakistan exchanged visits frequently. The international situation went through great changes in 1990's but the time-tested Sino-Pakistani friendship and cooperation withstood all international vicissitudes and continued to march forward source."

ESCAPE THROUGH PAKISTAN DATA & MAPS"Nowadays most traffic on the Karakoram Highway consists of tourists and hajjis--Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca--but small-scale trade has revived as well. Pakistani businessmen come to Kashgar [China] source."

"The absence of the fourteen kilometre road that precedes the western side of the town of Karimabad. It is an old tarmac road that winds through several villages. This road is not shown on any map! Karakoram 1."  Karakoram 2 [Links expired.]


Says Russia's Pravda: "Osama bin-Laden and his closest supporters most likely hide themselves on a base in the Pamirs, in the so-called Wakhan corridor source." [Link expired.]

"The Wakhan Corridor is the narrow portion of Afghanistan that connects to CHINA. If this Pakistani report is true -- he is makin' for the border. Anyone want to consider the probabilities or potential problems with violating Chinese airspace or territory? source"  

"The report said the base was situated near the village of Buzi Gunbad, and nestled between the towering peaks of the Pamir mountains... source."  [Link expired.]

Hiker websites provide considerable detail of routes to China from Baza'i Gonbad. Baza'i Gonbad is situated at a junction of two routes through the Pamir mountains of the Wakhan which connect to the China border to the east. There are a number of trails and rivers that cross over into China. The border is a river. Says Footprint Adventures website: "Not very strenuous. Broghil Pass was used to be the shortest and easiest route from Central Asia to the Indian Subcontinent. On our way to the Broghil Pass we will leave our packs in Ishkarwarz our tonights camping site and carry only water and cameras with us source.[Link expired.]

"United States special forces are hunting for Osama bin Laden in northeastern Afghanistan's isolated Pamir mountains, a Pakistani press report said source."  [Link expired.]

Says the US Army's famed 10th Mountain Division: "All the 10th Mountain soldiers in Uzbekistan know why we're here source."   

"BOROGHIL—From Ishkarwaqz three main treks divert in different directions. We take the eastern option, a leisurely walk along the Yarkhun river passing by horses and Yaks grazing on green pastures. As we pass the northern trek leading over 3888m Darwaza Pass (meaning Door in Urdu ) to Wakhan. We arrive at summer settlement of Lashkargaz (meaning cavalary`s pastures) home of the Sardar (chief) of Bjoroghil. Three hours walk further is Lalay Rabat at 4000 m. Today the trek is flatter and we will walk along the Yarkhun river through many green meadows source."  [Link expired.]

HAS HE SENT HIS FAMILY OVER THE CHINA BORDER?— Perhaps they've blended into the busy city of Kashgar (Kashi), or a suburb west of it, in southern Xinjiang province:   They'd be with old pals: "...the surging wave of Islamic militancy in Xinjiang can be traced to the mid-1980s when a large Islamic militant force was being raised to wage a jehad against the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan source."  [Link expired.]

BIN LADEN's ONGOING CONTACT WITH CHINA— "Chinese nationals visited Osama bin Laden terrorist camps in Afghanistan after a U.S. cruise-missile attack there in 1998 and paid for the right to study and remove unexploded missiles source." [Link expired.]

"Author Gordon Thomas in his book Seeds of Fire, has claimed that Beijing had an actual role in the September 11 attack on America. Thomas purports to show how Beijing is positioning itself to become America’s “new major enemy.” Thomas points out that on Sept. 11, a transport plane from Beijing landed in Kabul."

"As a result, there has been increasingly significant economic cooperation between the Taliban and China. To believe China will actively participate in combating the Taliban government is, therefore, wishful thinking source." [Link expired.]

"Some [Xinjiang] separatists have received military training in Afghanistan. They reportedly fought alongside the Taliban... source."  [Link expired.]

"...has all along received support and training from the Bin Laden Clique, and has created a series of terrorist activities in China's Xinjiang. Such influence can simply be summed up as: Afghanistan is the training place, while Central Asia is the base of activities source."

Says People's Daily : "US military action in Afghanistan will never be used as an excuse to slow down the opening of Xinjiang. 'There have been no restrictions of any kind imposed on foreign tourists,' said Niyaz. 'The life of foreign experts and scholars now in Xinjiang has not been affected' source.''

IMMEDIATELY AFTER 911 CHINA GOVT. SENT TROOPS TO ITS AFGHAN BORDER "...increasing troop movements had been seen at night around Kashgar, but was unsure where they were going or what their orders were source."  [Link expired.]

"When asked to comment on reports by some foreign media that the Chinese Government has sent Muslim soldiers of the People's Liberation Army to Afghanistan to aid the Taliban armed forces and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network, Sun said China's anti-terrorism stance is clear and steadfast and that such reports are utterly groundless source."  [Link expired.]

"A Western diplomat said: 'We expected a troop deployment to the area by the Chinese but have to emphasise that it was in no way requested by us' source."


"'There's a large group of Uighurs who are very happy to be part of China...' said Dru Gladney, an expert on China's Muslims at the University of Hawaii source." [Link expired.] Kashgar2   China map 

Khunjerab pass at the border between China and Pakistan...

Map locating Kunjerab Pass


The Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China...


Borogil Pass from China to Afghanistan...


The Wakhan Corridor from Afghanistan to China




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Kashgar street...

(Click to enlarge.)


Kashgar market...


Kashgar Muslims...


Kashgar girl...






"The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of USA-ma Bin Laden. An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association source."


Should this page ever prove helpful in finding USAma bin Ladin, I, Daniel H. Mahony, do hereby apply for any part of the reward I might rightly deserve from the Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, for information leading to the capture of one USAma bin Laden.
































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